DAY 2 - PLENARIES: Legal Aspects of Co-Production & Producing in and with Macedonia



Within the frames of EAVE Producers Workshop 2015, Roberto Olla, Еxecutive director of Euroimages performed a plenary session, and he spoke about the legal aspects of film co-productions.During his lecture he pointed about the differences between co-production and co-financing, including the reasons why it is better to do co-productions with another countries, where the most convenient place to find a co-producer for a film project is and what are the differences among official and unofficial co-productions. He shared a short point of view about the importance and benefits of bilateral agreements for co-productions among the countries and European convention for film co-production.

In his presentation he discussed about the legal aspects of copyrights for distribution including other   kind of contracts related with the rights for film screenings and film distribution.Roberto Olla is the Executive Director of Eurimages, the European Film Fund based in Strasbourg. An Italian national, he has a law degree public law and a Ph.D in European media law.Roberto joined Eurimages in January 2002 as project manager dealing mainly with support to features films. In 2008, he became the Head of Eurimages. Before this, Roberto was a researcher in media law at the European University Institute of Florence, worked in the distribution department of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union and was a legal adviser on audiovisual matters to the European Commission in Brussels.Roberto participates as a legal expert in several European training initiatives in the film sector and has often been panelist on industry seminars and conferences concerning cinema co-production.




The local film industry presented itself to the EAVE participants in a special session on Producing in and with Macedonia. The session was opened by Minister of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia Ms. Elizabeta Kanceska Milevska who thanked the EAVE organization for entrusting the Macedonian Film Agency and the Republic of Macedonia with the opportunity of hosting the second edition of the workshop and welcomed all the experts and participants at this important and significant educational event.

The Acting Director of the Macedonian Film Agency, Darko Basheski presented the co-production possibilities and cash rebate in Macedonia, the procedure for applying for minority financial support, the condition that the applicant should meet, the procedure of the decision and the confirmation of an official co-production status etc.  In the focus of the presentation was the right to refund of 20% of the invested funds – an incentive for stimulating investments in film/television projects as well as the post-production services which could be interesting for the producers who are a part of this workshop. In addition, he presented the measures that the Government of the Republic of Macedonia has implemented over the past years in order to help foreign and domestic producers in the realization of their film projects and presented three domestic post-production companies: fX3X, Vertigo and FAMES studio.At the very end, producer Ognen Antov (Dream Factory) presented a case study of “Monument to Michael Jackson”, EAVE 2011 project co-produced by Antov (SR/GE/MK/HR co-production), pointing out the benefits of co-producing a project that has been developed at an EAVE workshop.