DAY 3 - PLENARY: Producers and Moviegoers

1. PLENARY: Producers and Moviegoers

Sarah Calderon presented the basic tools for strategic planning and successfull marketing strategy for film projects. She focused on key mechanisms for succesful film promotion in order to attract and reach greater audiences. Through a presentation of the basic structure for building a marketing strategy based on four key aspects: Product, Promotion, Place, Price the producers learn how to develop a marketing plan for their films, based on the knowledge of their core audience.

Sarah Calderón is the director of the The Film Agency, a newly launched marketing consultancy solution specialized in the film industry. Sarah has more than ten years of work experience in the audiovisual sector in different positions including: Manager and Promoter of Film Festival: Toma5inco – Bogotá, Head of International Sales at Coproduction Office – Paris, and distributor coordinator at Karma Films – Madrid. In parallel to The Film Agency she works as marketing tutor and consultant for EAVE, the Media Programme and several Media Desks.