DAY 4 - PLENARY: Classic vs. Alternative Ways of Distribution

1. PLENARY: Classic vs. Alternative Ways of distribution

During her presentation, Sarah addressed the types of distribution, ie classical vs. alternative model of distribution. In terms of classical distribution she gave a brief overview of the three elements which underpin this type of distribution, namely the exclusive right, territorial rights and the validity period of distribution rights, pointed the way of mapping distributors and sales agents depending on the content of the film and the  type of company that the producer seeks for as its agent or disributor, the basic elements of international and domestic contract terms for film distribution and marketing as well as the pros and cons of the classical distribution.  

Regarding the alternative model, she spoke of on-line platforms,  the significance of new distribution platforms beyond classical distribution such  as global, national mainstream, national art and guerrilla platforms. She spoke about the beginning of the implementation and benefits of VOD platforms, as well as the importance of new technologies that do not allow alternative distribution to be based only on one platform.