DAY 5 - PLENARY: Revenue Streams


1.PLENARY: Revenue Streams

As part of the regular program, the Australian producer and consultant Linda Beath held a plenary and discussed the ways of acquiring revenue streams and potential windows for earning from film screenings, home screenings (DVD, Blue Ray) TV distribution, and internet and VoD platforms. During her presentation, she spoke about many possible ways of defining mathematical formulas for calculating the potential earnings, when concluding contracts for distribution and international sales. Through concrete examples with figures the producers learned how to act during their negotiation with the financiers, distributors and sales agents in terms of the film distribution income.

Linda Beath set up Ideal Filmworks in Canada 20 years ago to raise development and production financing for international co-productions of high quality feature films and television programmes. It was incorporated in Italy in 2000 adding Business and Strategic Planning to its core business of entertainment
industry financing. Linda Beath works with producers to find funding for five or six projects which range from features to documentaries, animated features and primetime television drama. She trains producers and other practioners in Europe and the South Mediterranean in project financing and strategic business planning for their companies.  She consults to public funders on policy issues, at this time especially with respect to the industry\‘s need for a new business model.