EAVE@Skopje - Workshop for Local Producers

Sunday (28.06.2015)

This was the first day of the two-day EAVE@Skopje programme, held within the EAVE Producers Workshop 2015, intended for the development of four film projects supported by the Macedonian Film Agency. During the following two days, teams of producers and screenwriters/directors of the following projects: “Freedom or Die”  ”Sugar Kid”  ”Grandfather and His Grandson” and ”Project Happiness” will work on developing the screenplays of their projects with the help of EAVE experts. The project development incorporates a group work where each of the participants presents their project (pitching session) in front of the others as well as individual meetings with the experts.


Monday (29.06.2015)

1. PLENARY: Sales and International Market

Within the EAVE@Skopje workshop for local producers, Didar Domehri (founder of Maneki Films) addressed the Macedonian film producers at a plenary: Sales and International market. She discussed the standard terms that should be part of the contract between the producer and its sales agent, some points that should be taken into consideration when choosing a sales agent, the production phase in which it is best for the producer to approach a sales agent, types of rights that the producer can sell to the sales agent or distributor etc.  The producers learned how to choose sales agents through being present and attending various film festivals, co-production markets and national events, as well as how to develop marketing strategy, festival strategy and sales strategy.

Didar Domehri has been the Head of international sales at Films Distribution for 8 years ( 2001- 2009) since 2009 she has founded Maneki films and the label FULL HOUSE and has produced and coproduced : "Return to ithaca" by Laurent Cantet, "7 days in Havana" by 7 filmmakers (Benicio del Toro, Elia Suleiman, Gaspar Noe, Pablo Trapero, Laurent cantet ...) and coproduced "11 flowers" by Wang Xiaoshuai, "Elefante Blanco"  and many others.