Фестивали во Македонија

Manaki Brothers
International Cinematographers’ Film Festival
Blagoja Kunovski - Dore, Director
Address:”8 Mart” Str. No.4
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

The International festival of filming camera “Manaki Brothers” in Bitola is organized by the Macedonian Film Professionals’ Association (MFPA).
Founded on May 21st 1950, MFPA represents the interests of film professionals and film authors of the country. In spite of defending its members’ rights and interests, MFPA encourages the professional development and growth of film creativity in the Republic of Macedonia. The Association aims to strengthen the Macedonian cinematography and to ensure its continuity amid different activities. Through the years, MFPA offers significant contribution to the Macedonian cinema and affirms world film art here in our country. One of the main activities of MFPA is the International Cinematographers Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”
Each year, the ICFF “Manaki Brothers” is held in Bitola under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Macedonia and is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia. The remarkable festival is attractive to both film professionals and film fans from all over the world.

The main part of the Festival’s program is “Camera 300” – an Official Competition of Feature Films from the most recent European and global production.


Festival of  Europian  Film
Zlatko Stevkovski, Director
Address: "Dimitar Vlahov" Str. bb
1000 Skopje Macedonia

The Festival of European Film CineDays,  which is annually held in Skopje  usually around mid November, is a festival which celebrates the diversity of European cinema. The focus of the festival program centers on the promotion and the projection of the European cinematography as well as the discovery of young and talented European authors. It has become the festival’s tradition to open and close with the very best films of Cannes Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival respectively. Launched in 2001, the festival has grown to become a meeting place for filmmakers and film goers to exchange knowledge or share cultural experience, accompanied by the array of events, activities, social and educational projects and workshops which are all part of the festival.


International Film Festival
Goran Trenchovski, festival manager
Address: P. O. Box 20
2400 Strumica, Macedonia

The International Film Festival "AsterFest" is a festival of film authors. Starting from 2005, the festival has been held in city of Strumica annually each year. "AsterFest" has a review program in other cities as well, and is also internationally presented. It is held annually, usually around the end of May. The filmmakers compete in three categories: the "Star Documents" category (on new creative documentaries), the "Global Fiction" category - short fiction films from recent worldwide production, the "Animotion" category  - world animations and the "Movieland" category on shorts (each year presenting a different country). The main festival awards are: Golden, Silver and Bronze Horseshoe as well as Aster Award for Lifetime achievements. "AsterFest" is organized by the Association "Tiberiopolian Film Alliance – Institute for Shorts & Docs". "AsterFest" is an interesting new festival in the region which primarily targets professional short-length films and documentaries.


Skopje Film Festival
Address: “Kuzman Josifovski Pitu” Str. No. 34/1
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

The Skopje Film Festival, with its rich and diverse program, consisting of the latest European and global cinematographic releases, is a meeting point for the traditional  achievements of eminent film authors on one hand, and a sharp consuming audience, on the other. Over 950 films have been presented, with an audience of over 160.000 viewers over the last 12 years, which leads to the fact that this festival is the most frequented cultural event in Skopje.

The Macedonian viewers have had the opportunity to watch exceptional works of: Lars fon Trier, Wong Kar Wai, Thomas Vinterberg, Todd Solondz, Kim Ki-duk, Takeshi Kitano, Aki Kaurismaki. Moreover, they have had the chance to discover: Gaspar Noe, Javier Fesser, to experience the magic of Korean filmmakers: Kim Jee-Woon, Park Chan-Wook, Kang Je-gyu, to feel the extraordinary charm of Scandinavian production: Lukas Moodysson, Petter Naess, Bent Hamer, to continually have access to contemporary  Latin-American cinematography, to find out more on the newest Iranian films. Each year the audience shows a great interest in following the programs of short films, musicals, documentary films as well as the regional program which presents the most significant achievements in the region.

The festival organizes lectures and workshops, and from the last 12 editions we can point: Stephen and Timothy Quay, Igor Toshevski, Jean Samouillan, master class by movie magnus Peter Greenaway, and the workshop of The Script Factory-Europe’s first script development organization. Skopje Film Fest has had the honor to host exceptional directors such as: Aktan Abdykalvkov, Fatmir Koci, Julian Temple, Jafar Panahi, Javier Fesser.

The Macedonian audience has also had the opportunity to meet with: Slavko Shtimac, Nina Persons, Neithan Larson, Srdjan Todorovich, the selectors of Berlin International Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Zagreb Film Festival, Sofia Film Fest, and Warsaw Film Festival.

Skopje Film Festival, as a part of the European coordination of film festivals, is supported each year by the Ministry of Culture and City of Skopje as main patrons of the manifestation

Creative Documentary Film Festival
Kurshumli An
E-mail: contact@makedox.mk
Tel: +389 (0) 70538467

A young and rarely avant-garde festival celebrating the creative documentary film. One of the most powerful catapults for creating cinema audience in Macedonia. It overwhelms, they say, with its warmth and quality. The wonderful KurshumliAn vibrates with film stories, workshops and live performances, doc-talks under a magical fig tree and music under the night sky. Out in the open, every summer since 2010.


Skopje Animation Festival
Kuzman Kuzmanovski, Director
el: + +389 02 3 11 23 45; +389 78 30 21 61
Adress: Benjamin Mecukovski 17/1-1

“Animax Skopje Fest” is the first animated film festival in Macedonia. The festival aims to unite and encourage all animators in the Republic of Macedonia and to facilitate verification and presentation worthy of their creative potential and product.

This festival aims to raise and build culture in terms of making animated films for adults and children who present different aspects of everyday life.  The main reason to organize an international festival of animated film in the Republic of Macedonia, is the desire and need for this animated film to get a wide door in Macedonia.

The festival is the right address for anyone interested in animation as a way of communication, as a way of expanding horizons, as an effort to support a cultural form and spend leisure time in creative and constructive way, as part of a global trend of creative industries in Europe and the world. “Animax Skopje Fest” is organized by the production company “Auripigment”, in collaboration with the Association of Citizens Creative Center “Tintiri - Mintiri” of Skopje, Macedonia, with the support of Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia.

Animax Skopje Fest is held in November each year. The festival is by nature competitive and is open to animators from around the world.