Macedonia at 69. Cannes Film Festival - DAY 1


Another year in a row Macedonia is present at the Marche du Film, within the Cannes Film Festival, promoting and presenting the Macedonian cinematography and the latest cinematic achievements, the production opportunities the country offers as well as the attractive shooting locations with the aim to attract foreign productions to shoot in Macedonia.


Thursday, 12.05

03:30 pm – LUMIERE       SIERANEVADA

The highlight of the day, which was of great significance to the Macedonian cinematography given the fact that Macedonia is part of the co-production countries, is the screening of the latest film of acclaimed Romanian director Christi Puiu "Sieranevada" which entered the official lineup of Cannes Film Festival. The official screening took place at 3:30 pm in the great hall Lumiere - attended by the cast and crew members, the director Christi Puiu and representatives from the co-producers and funds which have supported the film. The Macedonian representatives were Labina Mitevska - the Macedonian co-producer of the film, Mrs. Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska - director of the Macedonian Film Agency and representatives from the Agency.