Macedonia at 69. Cannes Film Festival - DAY 6









During the day the Macedonian Film Agency Director, Mrs. Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska, attended the General Assembly of European Film Promotion (an organisation which works for the worldwide promotion and marketing of European cinema) where Macedonia is a member country since 2009. The Macedonian Film Agency's Head of Film Production and International Cooperation Department, Mrs. Daniela Stankovska Plachkovska on the other hand attended the General Assembly of EUFCN (European Film Commission Network), where Macedonia is a member state since 2015.

Apart from the activities aimed at Macedonian promotion and presentation within the Cannes Film Market, meetings were also held with French film producers,  who, following their great experience with the filming of "A Fond" in Macedonia, expressed their interest for potential new collaboration/co-production between Macedonia, France and Italy. A meeting took place with Christian Routh, script expert from ScripTeast, who in December last year worked on the development of ideas for feature film scripts as well as various meetings with film professionals who visited the Macedonian stand within the SEE pavilion.