Macedonia at 70.Cannes Film Festival - DAY 5

During the Day the Macedonian stand within the Film Market at the Cannes Film Festival, hosted a Macedonian day attended by prominent figures from the film industry. First, starting at 16.00 the Macedonian stand organized a promotion of the first VOD platform in Macedonia "CineSquare", which is designed for films from Southeastern Europe, presenting the possibilities offered by this platform regarding the screening of films and the way to use them, the benefits of presenting films of this platform and other details to the interested guests. The presentation of the platform was followed by a Macedonian Happy Hour organized by the Film Agency and "CineSquare", attended by: Susan Nikoltchev, Executive Director of the European Audiovisual Observatory, national representatives from the member states of Eurimages and representatives of the Secretariat of Eurimages responsible for financial support programs, representatives of the training program on project development MAIA - whose next session will be held during the month of September in Bitola, representatives of the  training program on script and film projects development MIDPOINT, whose next session will be held during the month of June in Ohrid, representatives from FIRST FILM FIRST and many other collaborators ... Besides the other activities and meetings, the director of the Macedonian Film Agency, Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska also attended the General Assembly of European Film Promotion.

The Film Market today hosted a second screening of the Macedonian  minority co-production "Directions" by Stephan Komandarev.


Monday, 22.05

11:30 pm – OLYMPIA 9         DIRECTIONS

SEE Pavilion Gallery