1st Edition "Giffoni Macedonia"

17-22 OCTOBER 2013


The first  edition of Giffoni Macedonia was a dream that has existed for years that has been nourished and has grown bigger and bigger every year that the Macedonian youth went in Italy at the Giffoni Experience and shared their memories. A proof that dreams can really come true! Youth Film Festival “Giffoni Macedonia”  made its first STEPS in 2013 and proceeds its path with the goal of becoming the crossroad of young people from the Balkan and abroad.

Participants: 400  juries

Generator 10+
100 children
Location: Cinematheque of Macedonia
Generator 13+
150 children
Location:Youth Cultural Centre – MKC
Generator 16+
150 children
Location:Youth Cultural Centre – MKC

Generator +13 and Generator +16 are the two international juries.

International juries: 30

Countries: Italy, Serbia, Albania, Romania, Greece, Macedonia




                   705134_529634110456348_460382744_o  2013-10-22 Marija Gjakovska 005



   Giffoni Macedonia 2013 Program


Giffoni Day 2013