Original Format:
Year of Released:
Running Time:
19 min
Vardan Tozija
Mihailo Cvetanov
Filip Grcheski
Screen Writer:
Vardan Tozija
Director of Photography:
Gjorgji Klincharov
Aleksandar Pejovski
Principal Cast:
Verica Nedeska, Nikola Ristanovski
Brief Synopsis:
A man wakes up in a middle of a dark, isolated forest. No signs of people, civilization… no memories of a previous past, no identification… he’s ALONE. Wondering through the ruins of some desolated concrete object, he finds a GIRL… scared, silent. He leaves her, promises he’ll return after he finds some help, someone to explain. In the forest, he finds remains of a forest camp… and remains of people… evidence of a brutal massacre. And then, the terrifying screams, non human or animal, appear throughout the forest. In the same time, the MAN and the GIRL step into a frantic run and hide game with the faceless persecutors. Somehow, they escape. Or were they sparred? That evening, the GIRL tells the MAN that she has distant memories of him. But both of them don’t have a clue from where, or how. People running, stampede. Something in the dark chases them. Trying to stop one, HE gets hit with a back of a shotgun. She hides him. Another massacre takes place… HE wakes up, and he KNOWS. SHE helped him, once. HE is in a huge hall, finds her dead. One word is written in blood on the wall – FEAR. It is the end of fear for HIM. He is ready to fight, to accept his faith. Same screams come from everywhere around. A confrontation… Flash.


MOSFILM Award - International Cinematographers' Film Festival "Manaki Brothers", Macedonia, 2009

Best Balkan Short - International Skopje Film Festival, Macedonia, 2009

Best Short Award - International Short Film Festival Asterfest , Macedonia, 2009


BELEF - Belgrade Summer Festival, Serbia, 2010

Balkan Film Festival (in organization with Middle East Technical University-Turkey), 2010

International Short Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania, 2009

Short Film Festival, Prague, Czech Republic, 2009

CINEDAYS-International European Film Festival, Skopje, Mаcedonia, 2009

Production Companies:
New Moment Video House
Orce Nikolov 107
1000 Skopje, Macedonia