Bruce Lee is s Pussy (part of the omnibus "Skopje Remixed")

Original Format:
Year of Released:
Running Time:
15 min.
Sinisa Evtimov, Bojan Trifunovski
Borjan Zafirovski
Executive Producer:
Ognen Dimitrovski, Katerina Zafirovska
Bozidar Jovanovik
Screen Writer:
Sinisa Evtimov, Bojan Trifunovski
Director of Photography:
Kristijan Vojdanovski
PMG, The John
Principal Cast:
Dejan Lilik, Oliver Mitkovski, Mirko Popov
Brief Synopsis:
Three brothers. One city. Many dreams. No super heroes. Not even serial killers. Dad’s dead. They’re trying to make a short movie. They’re writing the first draft for three years now.In the meantime they pretend to be lazy gods. A rooftop is their shrine. There they contemplate on the most obscure subjects, regarding the city they live in. They smoke a lot, and think that Bruce Lee is a pussy is a great title for their movie. That is the two brothers who are trying to make the movie. The third is a retard.


Special Jury Prize - Balkan Food and Film Festival, Pogradec, Albania, 2013


Balkan Film Fest, Lublin, Poland, 2013

International Cinematographers' Film Festival "Manaki Brothers", Bitola, Macedonia, 2012

Festival Diese, Dijon, France, 2012

Author Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, 2012

Production Companies:
New Macedonian Video
Karaorman no.26
1000 Skopje, Macedonia