Year of Released:
Dielza Miftari
Avni Dalipi
Screen Writer:
Naser Shatrolli
Director of Photography:
Osman Demiri
Principal Cast:
Osman Ahmeti, Musa Isufi, Merlinda Saiti, Muzbajdin Quamili, Labinot Lajci, Liridona Shehu
Brief Synopsis:
A small child (10 years old), forced by the difficult economic situation, is trying through the sale of cigarettes and other small things (seeds, peanuts) to earn something and also to help his single mother, who is also unemployed. This unintended “profession” separates him from normal child’s life and forced him to be in contact with various people in the street, café, parks… Faced with a cruel world, his consciousness starts to occupy a significant place for alcoholics, criminals, delinquents… These people are starting to become idols in his life. Seeking to be like them, the child spends most of the day in a café where he plays poker. They show to him all the dark sides of their characters.
Production Companies:
Lina R Pres production
Prva 10
1300 Kumanovo, Macedonia