The Hero from the Ruins

Original Format:
Year of Released:
Running Time:
38 min.
Vegim Kamberi
Vegim Kamberi
Gazmend Adili
Screen Writer:
Merita Cocoli
Director of Photography:
Anton Grishaj, Muhamet Haziri
Naxhie Berisha
Principal Cast:
Medi Osmani, Viktoria Bolano
Brief Synopsis:
Not long ago, a heavy tragedy took place in the district of Lacuila in Italy. The catastrophic earthquake not only has shaken the country, but has turned to ruins the whole region, and it will be even more tragic after the victims who were left under those ruins will be counted. But even in tragedies such as this, heroes are born. Medi Osmani is one of them. That day will be recorded in his life forever. After he takes out his own daughter from the ruins he will leave her aside and with a force of a bulldogger, he will start to raise the concrete columns to save his neighbors! With his bloody hands and wounded body, he succeeds to save 11 more people! The same day, the Italian media will declare Medi Osmani a hero of ruins. Among the other things, he will make a statement: In that very moment, my pain for my lost daughter has transformed into magic power! I went under the ruins to save as much people as possible, among which the 9 year old friend of my daughter, Sivio, who, regretfully, has lived to face the same destiny as my daughter! In those sad and regretful moments, I shared my pain with everyone I succeeded to save!
Production Companies:
Ars Media Club
Ohridska 43,
1200 Tetovo, Macedonia