This Is Not An American Movie

Original Format:
Year of Released:
Running Time:
97 min.
Sasho Pavlovski
Dejan Iliev, Saho Pavlovski
Blaze Dulev, Nik Gaster
Screen Writer:
Pavel Jech
Director of Photography:
Dejan Dimevski
Foltin, Dorijan Jovanovik, Darko Spasovski
Principal Cast:
Ky Evans, Senko Velinov, Tony Naumovski, Tanja Mickov, Slavisha Kajevski, Igor Angelov, Zlatko Mitrevski, Nikola Ristanovski
Brief Synopsis:
A gang of small time criminals are trying to make their lives more interesting and more relevant – into something that fits their ideal of life inside an American film. But, of course, they are not in an American film, and are doomed to fail in all their efforts to live in such a way. Their efforts are so extreme and ridiculous that their actions even impact the structure of the narrative they actually do live inside, creating further errors that the gang members cannot properly act out (and not even allowed in American films) thus compounding their ineffectiveness. But through their futility, the members of this gang reveal themselves to be funny, human and real. And this is the story of the film’s protagonist, the Boss, who more than anything wants his life to have meaning, to be just like „an American film.“ He is someone who in a small limited way has mastered some of the rules of American film making and story-telling, but not to the extent that he can have a significant impact. When he learns that he is dying, he makes one final effort to make his life just as glorious as an American film – by conducting a heist with daring in the best traditions of an American gangster movie. But because his motley grew of would-be film experts and other surprise guests are not capable of acting it out, (and because real American filmmakers will complicate his plans) his scenario will not develop as hoped. But, even in his failure, the Boss finds unexpected success, and thus finds meaning in his life, even if it is not an American Movie.


Bridge Film Fest, Kosovo, 2014

Banja Luka Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2012

Petaluma Film Festival, California, USA, 2012

Macedonian Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2012

Tuzla Film Festival, Bosnia and Hercegovina, 2012

SEE a Paris South East European Film Festival, Paris, 2012

European Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania, 2012

Balkan Film Festival, Poland, 2012

Kolkata Film Festival, India, 2011

International Film Festival of Tamil Nadu, India, 2011

Production Companies:
Manufactura Production
Vidoe Smilevski Bato 28/1-4
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

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