Round Trip

Original Format:
Year of Released:
Running Time:
7 min.
Zharko Ivanov
Zharko Ivanov
Goce Cvetanovski
Screen Writer:
Aleksandar Prokopiev
Oliver Josifovski
Brief Synopsis:
An older man in his sixties and a small child are walking on the Stone Bridge towards Macedonia Street. The man holds a small tree, which leafs are slowly growing. In opposite of his heavy steps and clear appearance, the kid is like a shadow, cheerfully running around. They arrive on a cemetery where the man plants the tree by an unknown grave. An old woman’s cries are heard in the distance. Standing up from the ground, the graveyard is transforming into a city and again the man is in the middle of the street, now much older with a bigger tree in his hand. Again walking in the middle of the street with the kid running around. The city around them starts to crumble, buildings collapsing, but the man doesn’t notice it, the same way he doesn’t notice the kid. They arrive on a new cemetery; the man is planting again the tree, now the old woman is closer, crying sadly on the near grave. Again the graveyard is transforming into a city and again the man and the kid are in the middle of the street. From the man’s coat sleeves, from the pockets, from his fingers start to grow small branches. He moves slowly and arrives to the new cemetery almost transformed in a tree. With the kids help he stops at a grave, on which the old lady is crying. The man has completely changed into a tree, the kid is slowly disappearing, the cry and the wind are breaking the silence.


Jury Mention Animation - Asterfest - International Short Film Festival, Strumica, Macedonia, 2013


International Festival of animated film “Animax Skopje Fest”, Macedonia, 2013

Balkanima - European Animated Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, 2013

Balkan Food and Film Festival, Pogradec, Albania, 2013

Skopje Film Festival, Macedonia, 2013

Production Companies:
Flip Book Production
Bagdatska 26/1-3
1000 Skopje, Macedonia