The Last Macedonian - The Road to Extinction

Original Format:
Full HD
Year of Released:
Running Time:
Ilija Piperkovski
Snezana Lupevska Sozen
Dancho Stefkov
Screen Writer:
Aleksandar Kukulev
Director of Photography:
Dejan Dimeski
Oliver Tevcev
Principal Cast:
Sasko Kocev, Rubens Muratovski, Nenad Nacev, Zoran Ljutkov, Slavisha Kaevski, Petar Gorko, Mitko S. Apostoloski.
Brief Synopsis:
Bloodshed, family separations, the power of neighbouring countries, the thirst for the destruction of Macedonia, a homeland broken into pieces and heroes with master plans and an eagerness to hold their own. That is The Last Macedonian, the one who has been writing our history. Hundreds of years later, after numerous separations and exterminations, here we are again with the same characters but with different characteristics and with some steps still in the history—the history that is exposed in the film through facts and evidence by historians from Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia and Macedonia.


International Cinematograpers’ Film Festival Manaki Brothers, Macedonia, 2015

Production Companies:
Trinity plus production
Karl Hron 61
1000 Skopje, Macedonia