3 Days in September (Working title: September)

Year of Released:
Running Time:
90 min.
Darijan Pejovski
Tomi Salkovski, Valon Bajgora, Yll Uka
Vladimir Pavlovski
Screen Writer:
Darijan Pejovski, Igor Ivanov
Director of Photography:
Dimo Popov
Aleksandar Pejovski
Principal Cast:
Irena Ristik, Kamka Tocinovski, Adem Karaga, Milica Stojanova, Salaetin Bilal
Brief Synopsis:
Two completely different women - a prostitute and an avenger, are forced by destiny to help each other in clearing their pasts. Marika kills a man in self-defense. She runs off to a train where she meets Jana - a quiet and shy woman in her late 30s. Jana travels to her cottage, deep in the mountains. That's a chance for Marika to take a refuge. The days go by in quiet melancholy,and the suspicion between the two women as to their true intentions gets stronger. "Three Days in September" is a chamber, character driven thriller that deals with the consequences of sexual abuse in our society. It is most of all a character study where the two women retrieve, through their mutual relationship, step by step, their secrets and traumas.


Best Music - SEE a Paris Film Festival, France, 2016

Best Film - SEE Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, 2016 -

Best Actress and Best Director Award by Young International JurySEE Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, 2016

Best Script - Cinedays - European Film Festival, Macedonia, 2015


International Film Festival FEBIOFEST, Prague, Czech Republic, 2016

FEST International Film Festival, Serbia, 2016

Chicago International Film Festival, USA, 2015

Bratislava International Film Festival, Czech Republic, 2015

Edirne International Film Festival, Turkey, 2015

Filmfestival Cottbus, Germany, 2015

Montreal World Film Festival, Canada, 2015

Production Companies:
Skopje Film Studio
Slavejko Arsov br.15
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Ikone Studio
32 Luan Haradinajnr 17-1