TAT - Transitional euphoria or national fraud

Original Format:
HD 720p 50 fps
Year of Released:
Running Time:
47' 56''
Sasho Milenkovski
Ofelija Novakovik
Jovica Paunovski
Screen Writer:
Petar Atanasovski
Director of Photography:
Dejan Mladenovik
Sasho Milenkovski
Brief Synopsis:
This is a documentary about the TAT pyramid scheme, a major banking scandal that rocked the city of Bitola and blighted the lives of many savers from Macedonia and abroad. In their efforts to recover the money they lost in the pyramid scheme, savers suffered many personal and family dramas—in some cases even suicide and murder as a result of unsettled credit-debt accounts. Tragically, the consequences are still being addressed and might never be overcome. The documentary revives this issue at a time when many living witnesses are speaking openly about what happened in TAT and about who the main perpetrators were. Some of the surviving victims give their own statements, which is a rarity in documentaries. One of the goals of the film is for the truth about TAT to come to light.


International Cinematograpers’ Film Festival Manaki Brothers, Macedonia, 2015

Production Companies:
Video Mosaic
Str.1 bb - Trnovo
7000 Bitola,