The Ship that Never Passed

Year of Released:
Running Time:
43 min. 58 sec.
Aleksandar Spasoski
Aleksandar Spasoski
Martin Ivanov
Aleksandar Spasoski, Husref Said - traditional song
Principal Cast:
Milan Mihajlovic, Aleksandar Spasoski, Roland Vuckovic, Nebojsha Vilic, Erwin Hartel, Thomas Fischer, James Flynn, Simon James, Thomas Oxler, Attila Koncz, Marius Visean
Brief Synopsis:
2013 in Munich at the river Isar under the bridge of Raichenbachbrücke an artist from Republic of Macedonia installed a powerful 12 000 watt sound in order to reproduce the sound of a real ship horn. The basic idea of the artist was to initiate an imagination as if a real ship exists or passing by. Choosing a place where there is no water-traffic Spasoski recreates the every day location into something that will stimulate the audienceʼs imagination from an audio sense to a visual picture. This synesthetic influence from one sense to another is the main proposition idea of the artist. It also captures how the other people, which are out of the location focus will be affected by this sound. The film document is the only existing part of this one day act and it is the most convenient impression that can express the art peace. With great humor the film on the other hand is chronologically, showing the development of the project, difficulties that the artist is facing with the society to get permissions from the city offices in Bavaria and the technical aspects that were necessary to build the construction. “The ship that never passed” was also performed in 2012 at the capital of the Republic of Macedonia and it has opened many curatorial questions regarding the historical and political issues of this country.


MakeDox Creative Documentary Film Festival, Macedonia, 2015

Watch Out! Tetovo Film Festival, Macedonia, 2015

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