Slovenia, Australia and Tomorrow the World

Marko Nabershnik
Alesh Palvin, Andrej Shtirtof, Robert Naskov
Screen Writer:
Marko Nabershnik
Brief Synopsis:
Boris works as an electricity technician and is married to Vesna, who is unemployed. Their financial problems are eating away at the stability of the family itself. Passion and understanding between Vesna and Boris are fading. Their neighbors have a son who works as a sales agent in the Cosmica company. Boris acquaints himself with the philosophy of the company and becomes interested, especially as he sees it as a way for Vesna to make some money. However, exactly the opposite happens: the idea doesn't really grab Vesna, while Boris becomes excited about the business model. This results in numerous quarrels between Vesna and Boris, distancing them from each other. Boris becomes close with his neighbor.
Production Companies:
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Kino Oko
Nobelova 12a/6
1000 Skopje, Macedonia