The Sun of the Tsar's Towers

Katerina Beninova
Tane Kodzabasiev
Screen Writer:
Katerina Beninova
Director of Photography:
Filip Popovski
Goran Trajkoski
Principal Cast:
Vanco Krstevski, Zoran Rujak, Slavica Taseva, Aleksandar Cicimov
Brief Synopsis:
Life in cities has changed over the centuries, transforming the overall image of the city along with itself, its urban and architectural appearance. People who live in cities are mere passengers through time, leaving traditions behind as reflections of their existence. Humanity is based on history - a history that celebrates our role in this timeless space. The site of the Tsar's Towers confirms the existence of a civilization going back as far as 500 BC, proving that its survival is based on using the most elemental parts of life, like the Sun.
Production Companies:
Moonlight Production
Koco Racin 17
1000 Skopje, Macedonia