22nd Sarajevo Film Festival Announces Awards


The "God exists her name is Petrunija" by Teona Mitevska won the Eurimages co-production development award within Cinelink Co-production Market in Sarajevo 

The 22nd edition of Sarajevo Film Festival ended on August 20 with a closing ceremony where the festival announced the awarded films and authors.

 The "Heart of Sarajevo" for best feature film went to the film "Album" directed by Mehmet Can Mertoğlu from Turkey, the Special Jury Prize went to Bulgarian film "Godless" by the director Ralitza Petrova and Special Jury Mention won the Romanian film "Dogs" by Bogdan Mirică. For Best Actress was chosen Irena Ivanova from Bulgaria for her role in the film "Godless" and the award for best actor was given to Gheorghe Visu from Romania for his role in the film "Dogs". 

In the category of Short Film, the award Heart of Sarajevo for Best Short Film went to the Serbian film "Transition" by Milica Tomovic and Jury Prizes were awarded to Romanian film "4:15 End of the World" and the Croatian film "The Beast". The Heart of Sarajevo for Best Documentary went to "Just breath" by Romanian director Monica Lazurean Gorgan, while the Special Jury Prizes were awarded to Bosnian film "Scream for me Sarajevo" by Tarik Hodzic and Turkish film "Baglar" by Berke Bas and Melis Birder.
The human rights award went to the film "Scream for me Sarajevo" by Tarik Hodzic and special prize in this category went to the Slovenian film "Border" by Damjan Kozole.

 With Honorary Heart of Sarajevo were awarded the world famous actor, director and producer Robert De Niro, the director Stephen Frears and Wolfgang Amadeus Brülhart, Former Deputy Chief of Mission and Cultural Counselor at the Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Within the CineLink Industry Days, which in recent years has become one of the most successful platforms for development of the projects in Europe were given several awards. On CineLink co-production market, where as a part of the jury participated the director of Macedonian Film Agency, M-s Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska, the prize of 10.000 euros provided by the Macedonian Film Agency was awarded to Romanian project "Otto the Barbarian". The Award for co-development of Eurimages in the amount of EUR 20.000, was given to Macedonian project "God exists her name is Petrunija" by Teona Mitevska. Award in amount of 6.000 euros provided by Arte was given to the Turkish project "Ela and Hilmi" and MDM EAVE scholarship got the project "Looking for Venera" from Kosovo.

 Besides these, awards were also given within the programs Cine Link Work in Progress and Docu Raw Cut Boutique. The full list of awards, as well as the composition of the jury committees of the festival can be found on the following link: