“Amok” on festival in Guadalajara, Mexico



Macedonian film “Amok”, directed by Vardan Tozija and produced by Dream Factory will be screened at the International Film Festival in Guadalajara, which is a cultural event of great importance for Mexico and is considered as one of the most significant festivals of the American continent, for promotion and distribution of Mexican and South American films, but also for the promotion of the most important current films from all over the World.

 As a festival of premieres of films from Latin America, FICG is rich forum for the creative exchange among professionals, filmmakers, critics, students and audiences of “Ibero” America. Many debut films by now well established and renowned filmmakers, had their premieres on this particular festival.

“Amok” on the festival will have two screenings in the official competition of PANORAMA SECTION. 

Macedonian producer of the film is Dream Factory, co-producer of the film is Red helicopter films from Albania. The film is financially supported by the Macedonian Film Agency and SEE Cinema network.