“Amok” won the Fipresci Prize at PriFest 2017



The film “Amok” won the Fipresci jury prize at this year's PriFest in Pristina, thus retaining the primacy of one of the most successful Macedonian films of the recent Macedonian history.

The Pristina International Film Festival (PriFest) was established in 2008 and this year it has its 9th edition. The festival consists of four competitive programs: European Film Program, Competition Program for the films from the Balkans (also known as Honey and Blood Cinema), the Middle Length Films Program (composed of films from 25-60 min.) and from this year also  Documentary Film Program as official competition selection.

“Amok” had the screening in front of the Kosovo audience in the section “Honey and Blood Cinema” on 16 July 2017, in the presence of producer Ognen Antov, director Vardan Tozija and the main actor Martin Gjorgoski.

The film is produced by Drim Fectory, co-producer of the film is Red Helicopter films from Albania and it’s realized with the support of the Macedonian Film Agency and the SEE Cinema network.