"As If I Am Not There" in the Millennium Cinema in Skopje


After its Macedonian premiere on the 32st IFFK "Manaki Brothers" Bitola, the future film "As if I am Not  There" directed by Juanita Wilson will be posted on the repertoire of the cinemas in Skopje. The film is Irish-Swedish-Macedonian co-production. It was filmed almost entirely in Macedonia and nearly 90 percent of the actors are from Macedonia. The film "As if I Am Not There" is the Irish representative for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film as a result of three major awards for films, director and writer, who this year won the IFTA (Irish Film and Television Awards). This film is distressed, tragic and true story of a young girl from Sarajevo, which during the war in Bosnia (1992) will be found in the wrong place at the wrong time. This film, based on the eponymous book of famous Croatian writer Slavenka Drakulikj is a real testament to the incredible will of man for survival. With distinctive handwriting Irish film director Juanita Wilson manages to create a universal saga of war, suffering, love and perseverance. The main roles in the film interpret actress Natasha Petrovic from Macedonia and Fedzha Shtukan Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the other role playing Irena Apelgren, Nikolina Kujaca, Zvezdana Angelovska Jelena Jovanova, Stellan Skarsgard and others. Macedonian producer of the film is Vladimir Anastasov and the production company Sektor Film. Other Macedonians authors that participated in creation of this project are: casting director- Nela Vitoshevikj, composer- Kiril Dzajkovski, costume designer- Jacqueline Krstevska, Bujar Mucha- art director, co-producer Robert Naskov. 
The film will begin showing in the Millennium Cinema in Skopje on 28 October 2011, at 20.00.