“Avec L`amour” at the 23rd Sarајevо Film Festival



The Macedonian documentary “Avec L`amour”, directed by Ilija Cvetkovski, about the Dionis from Negotino, who owns over 100 old timers, is in the official documentary selection of the upcoming Sarajevo Film Festival.

The film tells a story about a former professor who owns over a hundred old cars and his dream is this unusual collection to grow into a large museum. Here is also his wife Goca, who supports this passion of Dionysus.

Through spontaneous and sympathetic marital wrangling, supported by the excellent soundtrack of the music group Foltin, the film is building love story driven by the burning engines of old cars, revealing the new corners of the known stereotypes.

“Avec L`amour” had its premiere in May at one of the most prestigious documentary film festivals in the world, Hot Docs in Toronto, Canada, after which it was screened And Dok.fest in Munich. Macedonian audience will be able to watch this film premiered in August within the festival “MakeDox”.

The film crew is consisted by the director Ilija Cvetkovski, the producer and editor Atanas Georgiev, the cinematographers Dragan Pakovski and Samir Ljuma, the authors of the music Foltin and the sound designers Atanas Georgiev and Aleksandar Djordjevic.