Completed shooting of the short feature film “The She Story”



Last Saturday, on 15 July 2017, the shooting of the short fiction film “The She Story” was completed. The film is directed by Dina Duma and produced by List Production.

The shooting took place in the period from 12 to 15 July 2017 on several locations in Mavrovo.

The main roles in “The She Story” are played by Kristina Lelovac and Ana Stojanovska.

The script is written by Dina Duma and Marija Dimitrova, director of photography is Naum Doksevski, production designer is Ivan Bartling, make up designer is Goran Ignjatovski, costume designer is Milena Atanasova and producer is Marija Dimitrova.

The film is realized with the support of Macedonian Film Agency.