Sister and Brother Mitevski Production and Macedonian Film Agency announce with great pleasure the fantastic acceptance of “The Wild Pear Tree” by Nuri Bilge Ceylan at the Cannes Film Festival

Macedonia for the second time, as a minority co-production participated in the most prestigious film festival in the world.  Through Sisters and Brother Mitevski Production, Macedonia participates in the latest film by the genius Nuri Bilge Ceylan – ‘THE WILD PEAR TREE’ which was selected in the main competition program and had a remarkable reception by the audience and the critics.   

The Wild Pear Tree had its premiere on May 18th, on the final competition day of the Cannes Film Festival. Even before the start of the projection the film crew was greeted with 15 minute ovations in the huge Lumiere Theatre in the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. The Grand Theatre Lumiere, which accommodates 2300 viewers, has been overwhelmed by emotions after Nuri Bilge's Ceylan’s latest three-hour film – THE WILD PEAR TREE, and the deafening applause of the numerous audiences was an impressive expression of approval and admiration of the film. The whole film crew was presented in front of the audience and the biggest salutation was of course, directed do Ceylan who obviously is a great favorite of the Cannes audience. At the same time, in two other theaters there were special projections for journalists. 

The following day, on May 19th, the film was followed with great interest at the festival press conference. During the festival, the Macedonian Film Agency was involved in the promotion of the film and many film professionals, some with sincere envy, congratulated us for our participation in this superb cultural project.

‘The Wild Pear Tree’ received incredibly positive reviews in the world's most prestigious media, and the strict film critics of FIPRESCI rated it with the most points from all films in the official competition:

Peter Bradshaw from Guardian rating the film with the maximum five stars said: THE WILD PEAR TREE is a gentle, humane, wonderfully made and delightfully acted film of the Turkish film director and former Golden Palm winner Nuri Bilge Caylan: lucid, humorous and unshakable in his unmistakable and very appealing style.”

The prestigious Varayati says: "Another visually rich camera work by Nuri Bilge Caylan, who builds precise rhetorical scenes with incredible density ... the achievement is masterful"

The French Telerama says:
... "In three hours and eight minutes, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, at the peak of his art, offers a family fresco with an incomparable width ...",-pas-a-pas,-nuri-bilge-ceylan-construit-loeuvre-dune-vie,n5653487.php

The British Telegraph, evaluating it with five stars, says:

... Ceylan expertly attracts your eye and ear to the drama behind the drama, and gives the most delicate natural scenes, weight and content of visions. The word visionary in the film business is already worn out of exaggeration, but with The Wild Pear Tree Ceylan recalls that he earns every letter of that word.

With this film of Macedonia had its second participation in the main program at the Cannes Film Festival and again we were part of the top European and world cultural scene presented and welcomed with utmost respect. More than worthily we were presented at this year's edition of the biggest film arts event, where only the best and most quality projects can be present.

The importance of the institutional support must be emphasized, and at the same time it is important to express appreciation to the Macedonian Film Agency for enabling the cooperation with this important film author, one of the biggest at this time. As a small country, we have to fight for international reputation through culture, and this is one way to build our reputation. We have to strive only to the top and this is a great example of how to represent our culture in the right way. - Sister and Brother Mitevski Production