Films supported by Macedonian Film Fund on the 10th edition of Festival of European Film CINEDAYS


  • Premiere of one documentary and three short macedonian movies 

On 11th November the documentary film “People without a country” directed by Marko Gjokovik had its premiere in the cinema Millennium within the 10th Edition of the festival of European Film CINEDAYS. The film “People without a country” is a documentary about people living in northern Greece during the period of the Greek civil war. Throughout the heroic story of Vera Foteva and her life we enter at the horrifying lives of the Dag soldiers, their fight for freedom and their fight for ideals in a period when sides change in a second. 
The premiere was attended by the President of the Republic od Macedonia Gjorge Ivanov.

The short movie “The little girl with matches” directed  by Phillip Matevski has its premiere on 11th November in the cinema Frosina inSkopje . The film is based on the story “The little girl with the matches” by Hans Christian-Andersen. The main character in the story is a little girl, a homeless orphan who instead of begging is selling matches on the side of the street. The movie follows the death of the little girl who dies from cold on New Years Eve.

The short movie “Face” directed  by Stefan Sidovski  has its premiere on 12th November in the cinema Frosina in Skopje. The film is about the long sufferings of the old people from the social bottom. Warm story about the endangered cheek of the critical groups of the population. But in the same time an ode for the moral truth and human resistance of one at the first site – weak woman.

The screening of the film “Sarah, the myth” will be held on 17th November in the cinema Millennium at 8:00 pm. “Sarah, the myth” tells the story of the arrival of the famous French actress Sarah Bernhard in Bitola in the midst of the First World War, when this place was the centre of Front Arena. The story begins with the arrival of Sarah Bernhard in Bitola in August 1916. She comes here to entertain French troops and to see her lover, a French general who is one of the commanders on the French Army. Mrs. Bernhard is at that time about seventy years old, stays in Bitola only one day and one night.

  • Screening of the film  “The Little Love God”


On 16th November at  7:00pm in the cimena Frosina in Skopje will be screened the film “The Little Love God” written and directed by Zeljko Soshik. This screening will be premiere in Macedonia.
“The Little Love God” tells a story about one well situated Macedonian doctor who lives comfortably with his wife in Montenegro thanks to the money inherited from his parents. Suddenly, he faces with such unexpected reversals in life. His wife disappears without a trace, the bank where he keeps his money is bankrupt, the police confiscate his passport, and he’s being stalked by his wife’s father. Alone, abandoned and without help, he is taking a solitary journey…The film is Co production between Montenegro/Slovenia/Macedonia. Co producer from  Macedonia is Kaval Film.

  • Screening of the film  “The State oh Shock”

On 17th November at  8:00pm in the cimena Millennium in Skopje will be screened the film “The State of Shock” written and directed by Andrej Koshak. This screening will be premiere in Macedonia.
“The State of Shock” is a bittersweet comedy about capitalism and the transition of social values during the past 20 years which have completely transformed Eastern European countries. It’s a story about the feeling of losing and gaining the power of honesty. 
The film is Co production between Slovenia/Serbia/Macedonia/Bosnia&Hercegovina/Bulgaria. Co producer from  Macedonia is Punk Film.