Finished the filming of “Zlogonje” (“Exterminators of Evil”)



After a longer period, the cinema audience will have the opportunity to see an authentic children's movie. Namely, the shooting of the film “Zlogonje” (“Exterminators of Evil”), directed by Rashko Miljkovic, who was filmed for 5 weeks in Belgrade, has just been completed.

This beautiful family story, made according to the motives of the book “One Button and Happiness” by Jasminka Petrovic, was realized with the support of the Film Center of Serbia, the sub-program MEDIA of Creative Europe, Macedonian Film Agency, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia, as well as the City of Belgrade.

“Zlogonje” (“Exterminators of Evil”) is a movie that will encourage all children to create a more beautiful environment, while all the elderly will return back in time and remind how nice it would be to live in a parallel world of fantasy.

“Zlogonje” (“Exterminators of Evil”) is a story about Jovan, a ten-year-old boy who was born with partial cerebral paralysis. His life is conditioned by this situation. Through his imagination Jovan escapes into the fantasy world in which, unhindered by his physical disability, he is free to do everything and be the one who loves, a kind of Superhero.

The film that is genre moving between Adventure, Science fiction and Family film, is expected to be screened in front of the audience in the spring of next year.

The roles in the film are interpreted by Mihajlo Milavic, Silma Mahmut, Jelena Dokic, Jelena Jovanova, Bojan Zivovic and Milutin Milosevic. The script-writers are Marko Manojlovic and Milos Kreckovic. Producers are Jovana Karaulic and Ognen Antov, ie. Action Productions from Serbia and Dream Factory as Co-Producer from Macedonia.