First Ever Children Film Festival "Giffoni Macedonia" Announces Its Festival Program


At a press conference which was held today on occasion of the gala opening of the first edition of the Children’s Film Festival Giffoni Macedonia, the Macedonian Film Fund CEO, Darko Basheski, Daniela Plackovska- Head of production at Macedonian Film Fund, Elena Velickovska – Executive Diector of Giffoni Macedonia and Ivo Antvo – Artistic Director of Giffoni Macedonia announced the program and the official festival logo.


It was noted that the festival abounds with rich and educational program which will further develop the film and cultural aesthetics and creatitity of the Macedonian youth.

The festival jury will be composed of around 400 children, divided into three age groups (+10,+13,+16) and the right to vote is reserved only for children belonging to the +13 and +16 age groups. The international jury of the festival will comprise of 30 children coming from five different countries: Serbia, Italy, Albania, Greece and Romania.

The film program consists of 50 film projects, which during the five festival days will be screened on locations of the Cinematheque of Macedonia and the Youth Cultural Centre. The official film selection includes films from China, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Mexico and several Macedonian shorts.   

The festival will organize various workshops on film, photography and tango led by eminent experts in the areas. Two workshops, led by actress, producer and Director of ICFF Manaki Brothers, Labina Mitevska and actor Visar Vishka, will screen short and animation films from the latest Macedonian production.

It was also announced that a group of students from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts-Skopje will write and direct a short film in honor of the first edition of Giffoni Macedonia, which will see its premiere at the Festival’s closing ceremony.

Giffoni Macedonia officially launches its first edition tomorrow and runs until October 22.