"Giffoni Macedonia" Becomes a Central Festival of the Italian Brand In the Region



The fifth edition of "Giffoni Macedonia", which will be held 18 to 23 October, will be the central festival of the Italian brand "Giffoni Experience" in the region. The program will be expanded with new locations and participants from more than 20 countries. For the first time the festival will include children from age groups 6-10 years.

Claudio Gubitosi , Artistic Director of the Italian festival "Giffoni" today had a meeting with the Macedonian Minister of Culture, Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska and said that he has fulfilled a promise made last year that "Giffoni Macedonia" will become a regional center for film and education through debates of young people from all over the world. He revealed that they will organize various activities and will discuss about sensitive issues concerning young people. The children, youth and their families will have a central place in the project. He added that the success of "Giffoni Macedonia" is due to the excellent cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, the Macedonian Film Agency, schools in Skopje and all other associates who have enabled the project to expand throughout the cities in Macedonia.

The Macedonian Minister of Culture said that in the past four years besides organizing the festival in Macedonia,  nine young people from the country were able to participate in the jury of "Giffoni Experience" festival in Italy, a great Italian brand in the field of film and culture.

- Director Gubitosi informed me that he is very satisfied with what happened in the past,  withour professional activities and everything that we have invested in making the festival a success, and as of this year, "Giffoni Macedonia" gets its rightful place as a central event, secondary in importance to the festival "Giffoni" in Italy and a regional center. This festival has an important mission - education and fostering true values ​​among young people through film. So far, the festival has included young people aged 10 to 18 years, and as of this year it will include also children aged 6 to 10 years together with their families, said the Minister after meeting with Gubitosi.

Italian Ambassador, Carlo Romeo, expressed his gratitude for the attention that the Macedonian Minister of Culture, invests in the cooperation between Macedonia and Italy in the field of culture and its contribution in the implementation of the festival "Giffoni Macedonia".
- "Giffoni Macedonia" is among the best examples of the excellent cultural cooperation between the two countries, said Romeo.
The director of "Giffoni Macedonia", Darko Basheski, said that the festival becomes a major priority following the main event of "Giffoni Experience" which takes place in Italy in July.

- The expansion of the program and the increase in the number of participants from the previous eight to ten countries and this year more than two dozen countries, and the focus on children aged 6 to 10 years, brings the festival to a new level, positioning it as an important center of festivals intended for young audiences in the region, Baseski said.
According to the Macedonian Film Agency's director, Mimi Gjorgoska-Ilievska, the four previous editions speak for the successful realization of the idea which was introduced five years ago in Macedonia by Gubitosi. This project, she said, is very significant for  the cultural cooperation between Macedonia and Italy and for the development of film culture, and above all, for the youngest, who are the festival's target group.