3 Films Supported By Macedonian Film Fund At The Berlinale



Marija Apcevska's short film "Bardo" and Srgjan Dragojevic's " The Parade", alongside Teona Strugar Mitevska's "The Woman Who Brushed Off Her Tears" have all been scheduled to be screened at the upcoming 62nd Edition of Berlin International Film Festival. The short film "Bardo", a graduation work of director Marija Apcevska, will be screened in the programme Generation, competing alongside 30 other films for the Crystal Bear Award for short film.
 The film is shot from a child's point of view with eight-year-old Marija Blagoevska perfectly capturing a little girl's perception of the world that surrounds her.
"The Parade" (a co-production between Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia) has been selected in the official Panorama programme.
The films have all been supported by Macedonian Film Fund.