Kastriot Abdyli Wraps Up Filming of “Return”


Kastriot Abdyli wrapped filming of his latest feature film project “Return”. The filming lasted for 21 day and took place on several locations in Macedonia including the village of Jabolce, Municipality of Sopiste and its surroundings, and Albania.

The story takes place in the Balkans (Macedonia), in 2000, time where the old and the new are interlaced; traditional with modern, western with Balkan, patriarchal with globalization. Iliri, an Albanian who has migrated in the western countries, in Germany, meets there and decides to marry a German woman, Sabine, to his family's disapproval.

The French actress Delphine Depardieu will play the main character, Sabine, while the rest of the cast includes Selman Lokaj, Hazir Haziri, Sefete Rogova, Sefedin Nuredini, Teuta Ajdini.

Written and directed by Kastriot Abdyli, the film is a co-production between Macedonia and Kosovo, being both supported by the Macedonian Film Fund and the Kosovo Cinematography Centre.