Macedonian Children Vote for a First Time for EFA Young Audience Award



The City of Skopje will for the first time host a European Young Audience Film Day, presented  for the fourth time across Europe in organization of the European Film Academy. Macedonian  youth will get the privilege of joining their European peers and play a decisive role in  presenting the Young Audience Award, an official section of the European Film Awards.

 The award will be presented in the framework of a special event -Young Audience Film Day on Sunday, May 3 in 25 European cities.The young audience, aged 12-14, will act as a jury and vote for the winner right after the screenings.


The three nominees for EFA Young Audience Award 2015 are:


                  THE INVISIBLE BOY by Gabriele Salvatores (Italy)



                                                     MY SKINNY SISTER by Sanna Lenken (Sweden)       YOU’RE UGLY TOO by Mark Noonan (Ireland)



Jury speakers will then transmit the national results live via video conference to Erfurt (Germany) where the winner will be announced on the same day in an award ceremony streamed live on

Among theis year’s participating cities are: Aalborg/Denmark, London/UК, Tallinn/Estonia,Amsterdam/Netherlands, Prizren/Kosovo, Erfurt/Germany, Athens/Greece, Riga/Latvia, Istanbul/Turkey, Barcelona/Spain, Sofia/Bulgaria, Izola/Slovenia, Belgrade/Serbia, Malmo/Sweden, Kiev/Ukraine, Bratislava/Slovakiа, Tbilisi/Georgiа,Valletta/Malta, Budapest/Hungary, Tel Aviv/Israel, Zagreb/Croatia, Cluj-Napoca/Romania,Turin/Italy,Wroclaw/Poland.   

The program and activities in Skopje are organized by the Macedonian Film Agency in cooperation with Giffoni Experience – Italy and  “Giffoni Macedonia”. None of this would be possible without the generous support and participation by the cinema Cineplexx and the sponsors Chupa Chups and Kapri.

The call for application is open and is available until April 10. Young people interested to take part in this amazing experience are free to apply on the following link