MIDPOINT in Ohrid - Presentations, Press Conference and signed Memorandum of Cooperation between the Macedonian Film Agency and FIOFA



Within the framework of prestigious professional project development program “MIDPOINT Feature Launch”, which took place from 10 to 16 June at the Film Academy in Ohrid, involving twenty young writers, producers and directors from all over the world, on June 13, the Director of the Macedonian Film Agency, Ms. Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska held a presentation titled “Industry Landscape in Macedonia”. During the presentation the participants were informed about the opportunities the country has to offer as a film destination,  co-productions with Macedonian producers and the possibilities of the tax incentive/cash rebate program for investments in film and television production.

Afterwards, the Head of the Creative Europe MEDIA Desk, Vladimir Stojcevski, held a presentation on the possibilities offered by the MEDIA sub-program, with a focus on the call for Single project development.

The same day a press conference took place, which was followed by a huge number of media. It was noted that the international group of young writers, producers and directors in Ohrid will have the opportunity to cooperate with well-known film experts from Europe in the crucial phase of their project development, when they can still make improvements in the creative part of their scenarios. In competition of 75 applicants, this year were selected 9 projects in international competition, out of which one from Macedonia and three additional Macedonian projects as part of the workshop “MIDPOINT Intensive Macedonia”.

“We continually work towards developing a strategy for the education of film professionals, which is very important in the creation of new films, but also in terms of their promotion beyond the borders of the Republic of Macedonia, even when they are still in the development phase,” said Ms. Mimi Gjorgoska -Ilievska, Director of the Macedonian Film Agency.

“Our goal is to put Macedonia on the so-called world filmmaking map, highlighting it as one of the important centers where not only Macedonian projects are realizing, but also many other European and not only European projects, as you heard, on our workshop we also have an Iranian project”, said the director Ivo Trajkov.

Besides the work on the creative part of the scenarios, the participants will improve their skills for presentation of scenarios and their communication between the producers and directors with the  aim to provide funds for their future films.

“MIDPOINT started 8 years ago and is focused on development of projects from Central and Eastern Europe, but there are more and more projects from all around the world,” said Pavel Jech, artistic director of MIDPOINT.

In October in Prague will be held a second workshop where young filmmakers will gain their experiences by experts from other areas, so that their projects get the chance to be presented to potential financing partners.

At the end of the press conference, the Director of the Macedonian Film Agency, Ms. Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska and Director of the Ohrid Film Academy, Mr. Robert Jazadzhiski, signed a memorandum for collaboration between the two institutions, with which they made official the realization of the MIDPOINT workshop in Ohrid, as well as all future collaborations that will follow.

You can read more on the press conference on the following LINK.