Macedonia Presented At The Children's Film Festival "Giffoni Experience"



A press conference took place today within the 44th edition of the Children’s Film Festival “Giffoni Experience” in Italy, announcing the participation of Macedonia at the festival as well as the collaboration between the two countries.

The Director of the festival, Mr. Claudio Gubitosi, opened the press conference holding a Macedonian flag, expressing his satisfaction over the cooperation and the friendship between the two countries, extending his sincere gratitude and appreciation for the support and effort of the Macedonian Ministry of Culture, Macedonian Film Agency, the Italian Embassy in Republic of Macedonia, the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and everyone involved in the successful implementation and spreading of the brand Giffoni in Macedonia.

The Director of the Macedonian Film Agency, Darko Basheski, pointed out his pleasure over the bridge of cooperation between the festival “Giffoni Experience” and the Macedonian Film Agency, which resulted in furthering the education and raising culture awareness among the youngest as well as paving the path for greater cooperation in areas such as co-production and culture in general.

The Director of Giffoni Macedonia, Elena Velickovska Nikolovska, offered a brief review of the first edition of the festival “Giffoni Macedonia” and announced the second edition of the festival, set to take place in October this year including a great number of activities, films and presence of young international jurors from more than 10 countries.

Today, at 7 p.m.  as part of its programme, the festival “Giffoni Experience” will showcase several Macedonian shorts : “Alerik” by Vuk Mitevski, “Mangava Disco Punk” by Sasa Stanisik, “To Guard a Mountain” by Izer Aliu and “For Angela” by Luca Apolito (Italian-Macedonian co-production realized during the last years’ first edition of “Giffoni Macedonia”).

Starting at 9:30 p.m. the festival will feature Macedonia as a country in Focus, through series of promotional activities including a photo exhibition, performance of music by Muhamed Ibrahimi and presentation of traditional Macedonian specialties (courtesy of Tikves Vinery, Zdravje Radovo and Mama’s), allowing the audience from 43 countries from around the world to enjoy and better be acquainted with all the beauties Macedonia has to offer.