Macedonia Presented at the International Children's Film Festival



This year a delegation from Macedonia with part of their organization team were guests of the International Children’s Film Festival “Giffoni-Experience”in Italy, which runs 18-28 July.

Eight children from Macedonia, age groups 13+ and 16+ also got the chance to be a part of the international children jury of the Festival.


Yesterday, (23 July) there was a Macedonian Giffoni Day, where Macedonia was presented through series of activities as was announced at the press conference which took place the same day attended by the Giffoni Experience Executive Director – Claudio Gubitosi, the Macedonian Film Fund CEO - Darko Basheski, Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska - Director of the Cinematheque of Macedonia and Elena Velickovska and Ivo Antov, Executive Director and Artistic Director of Giffoni Macedonia, respectively.

The Macedonian Night took place at the Monastery of San Francesco – Giffoni Valle Piana with a joint presentation of Macedonian wines (Tikves Winery) and traditional Macedonian specialties such as ajvar, jam and cheese from Galicnik (Mama’s) which attracted number of visitors, among whom the spaghetti western legend, Giuliano Gemma.



The promotional activities included a photo exhibition and a number of promotional materials such as brochures and maps, a booklet “Filming in Macedonia”, catalogues with Macedonian cinematic output 2012/2013 and a collection of postcards titled "Welcome in Macedonia: 220 Sunny days for filming".

The evening wrapped with a concert of the band FOLTIN, at Giffoni Valle Piana - Stadio Comunale “Troisi”, within the music section Giffoni Music Experience. The visitors got the chance to feel and enjoy for the first time the band's enchanting music whose dynamic performance and energy managed to animate the audience.


During the day, the Macedonian Film Fund CEO, Darko Baseski and the Director of the Cinematheque of Macedonia, Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska were welcomed by the Mayor of Giffoni Valle Piana, Mr. Paolo Russomando. During the meeting Mr. Rusomando expressed his satisfaction over the cooperation with the Macedonian Film Fund and highlighted his wish for such exhange of experiences between the two countries to continue in the future.


The Mayor also noted that this is an ooprtunity for both the Municiplity of Giffoni Valle Piana and the City of Skopje to extend their cooperation in other areas as well and announced his intention to visit the Macedonian edition of the festival (planned to take place in October 20-27)  to better be acquainted with all the beauties Macedonia has to offer.

Tonight at 9pm the Festival will showcase a selection of five Macedonian shorts:           

“Bardo” by Marija Apcevska

“The Little Match Girl” by Filip Matevski

“Violent Youth” by Marko Gjokovic

“Face” by Stefan Sidovski

“Glow” by Tomislav Aleksov

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