Macedonia To Host International Children's Film Festival "Giffoni"




During the period from 28.02.2013 to 03.03.2013, Claudio Gubutosi, Artistic Director of the biggest film festival for children “Giffoni Film Festival” from Italy, was visiting Republic of Macedonia with the purpose of organizing the first edition of “Giffoni Macedonia”.

“Giffoni Film Festival” was established as an international film festival for children with a mission to promote and evaluate specific products in the field of culture, and with its 43-year old tradition is a unique brand of Italy and the Italian culture, achieving the initial idea of making Giffoni a globalized brand and spreading it across the world.

During Mr. Gubitosi’s visit, he met with the interested and potential parties which could contribute to the realization of Giffoni – Macedonia (the Macedonian Ministry of culture, The City of Skopje, The Embassy of Italy in Macedonia, Youth Cultural Centre- Skopje, the Cinematheque of Macedonia etc.).

Over the next period, “Giffoni Film Festival" and the Macedonian Film Fund will sign an agreement over a period of three years (2013 to 2015) which should define the mutual cooperation and the activities to be undertaken during the arranged period.

Realizing the enthusiasm, the professionalism and the support of the aforementioned Macedonian institutions and the trust that he has earned with the Macedonian Film Fund, Mr. Claudio Gubitosi’s decided to bring the “Giffoni” brand for the first time in Macedonia for free, and entrust the Macedonian Film Fund to ensure a proper and successful realization of the project.

During the meeting it was also decided that Mr. Ivo Antov will be appointed as the Artistic Director of the Festival,  with Elena Velickovska as Executive Director and  Katerina Sotirova as a Festival President.

It was also announced that a “Giffoni Day” is planned to take place in Macedonia on May 27, 2013, with the goal of presenting the concept and the activities of the “Giffoni Film Festival” to the audience and the young people.

A larger Macedonian delegation, comprising of a large group of children of different ages accompanied by students, will also visit the “Giffoni Film Festival” in Italy over the period of July 19-28, and will participate in workshops as part of their preparation to be a part of the realization of “Giffoni Macedonia”, which will be held 20-27 October 2013 in the Republic of Macedonia.