Macedonia as a Guest of the International Children’s Film Festival “Giffoni Experience” – Italy





This year a delegation from Macedonia with part of their organization team will be guests of the International Children’s Film Festival “Giffoni-Experience”in Italy, which will take place 18-28 July.

The visit is aimed at gathering all the necessary knowledge and experience that will be helpful for the final realization of the full cultural product “Giffoni Macedonia”, to take place this  October as the first regional Children’s Film Festival.


On 23 July there will be held a Macedonian Giffoni Day, where Macedonia will be presented through series of activities along with a Macedonian evening taking place at the Monastery of San Francesco – Giffoni Valle Piana with a joint presentation of Macedonian wines (Tikves Winery) and traditional Macedonian specialties such as ajvar, jam and cheese from Galicnik (Mama’s).

With the cooperation and support of the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism in Macedonia and the Macedonian Agency for Foreign Investments,   Macedonia will be presented through a number of promotional materials such as brochures and maps, and with a booklet “Filming in Macedonia” aimed at attracting foreign productions. Catalogues with Macedonian cinematic output 2012/2013 and a collection of postcards titled "Welcome in Macedonia: 220 Sunny days for filming" will also be part of the promotional material.

The evening wraps with a concert of the band FOLTIN, at Giffoni Valle Piana - Stadio Comunale “Troisi”, within the music section Giffoni Music Experience


The festival will also feature a selection of Macedonian shorts:

“Bardo” by Marija Apcevska

“The Little Match Girl” by Filip Matevski

“Violent Youth” by Marko Gjokovic

“Face” by Stefan Sidovski

“Glow” by Tomislav Aleksov

A Photo Exhibition will also take place during the Festival in cooperation with the Macedonian Photo Club Elema, titled “Macedonia through the Lens of Macedonian Photographers” featuring a collection of over 30 photographs by 11 authors, offering a unique insight in the everyday rhythm and pervasive spirit of our country, Macedonia.

Eight children from Macedonia, age groups +13 +16 will get the chance to be a part of the international children jury of the Festival.