Macedonia at 67. Berlin International Film Festival



The Macedonian Film Agency, Macedonian films as well as film professionals are once again part of the 67th edition of International Berlin Film Festival which takes place February 09-19 in Berlin, Germany.


  • Macedonian Films in Panorama Special

Teona Strugar Mitevska’s latest film “When the Day Had No Name” will have its official world premiere at cinema Zoo Palast at February 14th in the Panorama Special Programme.

“When the day had no name”, a Macedonian/Belgian/Slovakian co-production is a fourth feature film of Teona Strugar Mitevska, produced by Labina Mitevska (Sisters and Brother Mitevski).

This is a third participation of Teona at the Berlin Film Festival with a feature film following her previous projects “The Woman Who Brushed Off Her Tears” and “I Am From Titov Veles”.

Beside the director Teona Strugar Mitevska, the premiere will be attended by the producer Labina Mitevska and screenwriter Elma Tataragic, and six young lead actors from the film: Leon Ristov, Hanis Bagashov, Stefan Kitanovic, Igorco Postolov, Dragan Misevski, Ivan Vrtev Shoptrajanov. The film is scheduled to be screened a total of 7 times during the Berlinale – twice at the Market - closed screenings intended for film professionals, and  five other projections for the public where after each screening there will be a session of questions and answers with the film crew and audience. “When the Day No Name” will be represented bu the sales agent Sebastien Chesneau and his company CERCAMON.


  • A Co-production with Macedonian minority support in  Panorama Special 

The Panorama Special programme will also feature the film “Requiem of Mrs. J” by Bojan Vuletic, premiering at February 13 at Zoo Palast 1 at 7 pm. The film is a Serbian/Bulgarian/Macedonian/Russian/French co-production with Tomi Salkovski (Skopje Film Studio) as the Macedonian co-producer.

Both projects are supported by Eurimages.


Macedonian Films at European Film Market

“Year of the Monkey”, the latest film by director Vladimir Blazevski and the debut feature film “The Secret Ingredient” by Gjorce Stavrevski will also have screenings within the European Film Market.

The screening of “Year of the Monkey” is scheduled for Feb. 11 at 11.00h at Cinemaxx13 and is organized by the Macedonian Film Agency with director Vladimir Blazevski and producer Darko Popov (Pank FIlm) presenting the film in Berlin.

“The Secret Ingredient”, feature debut by Gjorce Stavrevski will be screened on Feb.11 at 14.30h at Cinemaxx14 and on Feb 13 at Kino Arsenal 2 at 11.00. The screenings are organized by the sales agent WILD in partnership with the Macedonian Film Agency. The director Gjorce Stavrevski will attend the screening in Berlin.

The European Film Market, which is organized each year during Berlin International Film Festival, is always attended by a large number of producers, distributors, financiers and festival selectors from around the world, and is considered as one of the most important international events in the film industry.


Presentation at the European Film Market

 The Macedonian Film Agency traditionally advertises the latest Macedonian films at the EFM: “The Secret Ingredient” by Gjorce Stavrevski, “When the Day Had No Name” by Teona S. Mitevska and “The Golden Five” by Goran Trenchovski. The Agency also presents the advantages the country offers as a favorable shooting destination and the 20% right of refund for the making of film or television projects, a measure which has been successfully implemented since its adoption with the Film Industry Law.

Within its activities, the Macedonian Film Agency also presents the film industry in the country and actively participates in numerous events that are of particular importance for the further film industry development as well as organizes meetings with international institutions, organizations, festivals and other film professionals, expected to result in future collaborations and projects in the field of cinema.


BPX - Best Practice Exchange  (Feb.10, 2017)

On February 10 the Macedonian Film Agency director, Ms. Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska attended the international gathering of 20 most progressive film funds from Europe and beyond which was held at Relaxa Hotel in Berlin.

The international gathering was organized by Simon Perry (President of ACE) and was aimed to facilitate the participants to exchange ideas and experiences on different national strategies implemented in the film industry in accordance with new European and world trends.


Creative Europe MEDIA Sub-programme

The Head of Macedonian Creative Europe MEDIA Sub-programme Desk, Vladimir Stojcevski was also present at this year’s Berlin Film Festival and had several meetings with commissioners from other MEDIA Desks. Vladimir Stojcevski will attend also the Creative Europe MEDIA Sub-programme European Film Forum which will be held on Feb.13.