Macedonia at the 2013 Sarajevo Film Festival


This year at the 19th edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival, which runs August 16 - 24, Macedonia will be presented with  films in the Competition Programmes of the festival, with young talents at  the Sarajevo Talent Campus, at  the co-production market "CineLink 'and in the regional forum.


 Films in Competition Programmes 

“Mama Europa” directed by Petra Selishkar

Competition Programme - Documentary

Multiplex Cinema City - Hall 1 | 19.08.2013 | 20:30  


“Alerik” directed by Vuk Mitevski

Competition Programme - Short

National Theatre | 23.08.2013 | 14:00 

“Mama Europa” is a humoristic creative documentary that depicts European border issues. Terra, the main character is a 6-year- old girl, curious to know the world around her, constantly asking random questions to protagonists, thus provoking them and providing the answers for the author’s point of view. The film is a Slovenian /Macedonian co-production directed by Petra Selishkar, which was premierly screened in June at the International Festival of Creative and Documentary Film – MakeDox.

The short stop animation “Alerik”, a Macedonian/German co-production directed by Vuk Mitevski will have its world premiere at the Sarajevo Film Festival, being selected to compete in the short film programme,  joining 9 other films in the running for the Heart of Sarajevo Award. “Alerik” tells the story of a young boy who after the death of his grandfather, when having no other choice joins the army and is immediately sent to war.


Sarajevo Talent Campus

The 7th edition of the Sarajevo Talent Campus takes place August 18-24, 2013.

Sarajevo Talent Campus  is a seven-day creative and networking platform for up and coming and talented film professionals. The programme was launched in 2007 by the Sarajevo Film Festival and in cooperation with Berlin International Film Festival and Berlinale Talent Campus.
The programme of Sarajevo Talent Campus is open to young film professionals and film students in final years of their study from seventeen SoutheastEuropean countries. In addition to Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey, as of 2012 the participation has been extended to include four more countries from wider region: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Moldavia. 

 This year 4 young talents from Macedonia were selected to participate out of the total 65 participants at the 2013 Sarajevo Talent Campus:

- Mary Apchevska, director
- Elena Stanishev Producer
- Eve Kamcevska, screenwriter
- Mary Ilievska Kostova, actor

The participants will be offered an exciting program filled with lectures, panel discussions, and active debates, complemented with workshops, practical exercises and film screenings.

The topic of the Talent Campus is "Mind the Gab-Engage with Cinema”. The purpose of this topic is to encourage filmmakers to explore the contradictions within the viewing of the film and to find ways to improve their performance in terms of the curious audience.

Sarajevo Talent Campus aims to enhance theoretical and practical education of young film professionals  through its program of intensive workshops, lectures, panel discussions. Designed to fill in the gap between  film school education and practical working experience – the production of short and feature-length films – Sarajevo Talent Campus seeks to create connections not only among fellow-talents, but also between them and experienced film professionals, Sarajevo Film Festival guests and CineLink Co-Production Market participants.


Co-production market "CineLink"

The Macedonian producer Labina Mitevska, with her latest project "Apartment" directed by Teona Mitevska, will participate in the co-production market "CineLink" at the Sarajevo Film Festival, which runs August 16 - 24.

The film will join 16 other projects that entered the official selection of the co-production market out of 90 registered projects from 18 countries of Southeast Europe.

Authors and producers of the selected projects will attend the preparatory workshop for improving their scripts and the financial, legal and marketing aspects of the projects with the aim to shape the projects for a proper presentation.

With 60 % of successfully completed projects within the past 10 years, "CineLink" has grown into one of the most successful platforms for project development and funding in Europe.


Regional forum

During the period from August  22 – 24, within the scope of the Sarajevo Film Festival, there will be held a regional forum dedicated to film industry issues in South East Europe. This forum will bring together over 100 professionals from the private and public sector from 15 countries of the region. The purpose of this forum is to share experiences on key issues in the film industry by covering the types of policies, systems and mechanisms to support the film industry as well as to instigate their mutual cooperation.

On 24 August, the director of the Macedonian Film Fund, Darko Basheski will attend a discussion where he will present the new Film Industry Law, which will take effect on 1st of January 2014. He will also present the benefits that the law will provide for foreign film productions interested to shoot on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and the financing of Macedonian minority co-productions.