Macedonia joins the the "Un Certain Regard" Programme of Cannes Film Festival with the Film "Directions" by Stephan Komandarev



Macedonia yet again is part of Cannes Film Festival, this time thanks to the production company Sektor Film and the Macedonian Film Agency, with the latest co-production project DIRECTIONS directed by Stephan Komandarev.   

This significant success is yet another confirmation of the efforts by the Macedonian Film Agency on one hand and the producers, directors, filmmakers and film professionals on the other,  who are increasingly moving towards collaborations and partnerships in the interest of creating quality film projects that will be worthy representatives of the Macedonian cinematography.

The feature film DIRECTIONS by Stephan Komandarev is selected in the prestigious competition program "Un Certain Regard"  at the jubilee 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, which this year takes place May 17 to 28.

The film is a co- production between Argo Film (Bulgaria) Aktis Film (Germany) and Sektor Film (Macedonia). The film is supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center, the Regional Film Fund MDM the Macedonian Film Agency respectively, and has also received support by Eurimages- European Cinema Support Fund.

DIRECTIONS is supported as a minority project by the Macedonian Film Agency  with the amount of 3.4 million denars, while the total budget for the film is 634,485 euros. The film is a co-production between Bulgaria, Germany and Macedonia.

DIRECTIONS is a contemporary drama which takes place within a period of 24 hours, intertwining the fates of a group of people in six taxi vehicles - heroes of the current Balkan reality.  In one day we are witnessing some of the real problems, and even absurdities of today's society in this region.

Through the eyes of taxi drivers and customers around the streets, we can slowly feel the diversity of everyday life, even in its darkest hue. Individual stories are united by one death, which gives a chance for a new life.

These are stories of despair and hope of escape, acceptance and revenge. About love and indifference, commitment and loneliness, connected to a radio show, which asks questions but does not give answers. A story about the urgent need for transplantation of an entire society which has no other chance for life, except with a new heart.

Besides directing the film, Stephan Komandarev is also a scriptwriter, along with the young talented playwright Simeon Vencislavov. The Macedonian part of the author team consists of costume designer Zaklina Krstevska and makeup artist Martin Pavlovski. Macedonian producers of the film are Vladimir Atanasov and Angela Nestorovska.