Macedonian Film Agency Director Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska Participated at a Panel Discussion Within 37. ICFF


Macedonian Film Agency Director, Mimi Gjorgoska-Ilievska, Boban Jevtic, director of Serbian Film Centеr, Nenad Dukic, film critic and producer from Serbia and Pavlina Zheleva, producer and film critic from Bulgaria, within participated in a public discussion on producing films as regional co- productions, which took place within the 37. ICFF “Manaki Brothers”.

According to the participants, co-productions between countries from the region and beyond is of great importance for the film industry in the region given the fact that not only it results in an increase in the the production but also confirms the quality of the film and leads to a support from the prestigious European fund "Eurimages".

The Macedonian Film Agency director noted that lately not only in the Balkan region but also in the wider European context, regional co-productions are seen as a truly new model of film production which has facilitated cooperation between producers, as well as institutions responsible for financing film projects. She also stressed that cooperation and support between the Balkan countries is very important in terms of creating new opportunities for film professionals, exchange of experiences and presence of Balkan cinematography at European festivals.

The participants of the public discussion noted that they are working on an initiative to form a Balkan Film Fund, which will support the production of films regardless of the budget that they will receive from national funds or film centers, agencies and other public institutions in the country.