Macedonian Film Agency Director, Ms. Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska Receives the Medal “Knight of the Order of Arts and Literature”


Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska, Macedonian Film Agency Director, receives the prestigious title “Knight of the Order of Arts and Literature”, awarded by the French Ministry of culture and communications, for her exceptional contribution in the presentation of Macedonian culture and film art on a global level and her efforts in the promotion of French culture in Macedonia.

The award was presented to her by the French Ambassador in Skopje, H.E. Mr. Christian Thimonier at a gala ceremony at the French residency, emphasizing her continuous contribution in the strengthening of the cultural ties between Macedonia and France, as a great supporter of French culture and a devotee for the development of the cooperation between both countries. The French government decided to award her exceptional career of more than two decades dedicated to promoting, preserving and validating all forms of cinematographic art, first as a Director of the Macedonian Cinematheque and as of 2015 as a Director of the Macedonian Film Agency.

The Ambassador stated that he is pleased to have been given the honor to give this medal to Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska, pointing out her enthusiasm and continuous and persistent dedication in the development and strengthening of bilateral relations between both countries, as a participant, organizer and moderator of a great number of international conferences, seminars and symposiums as Macedonian representative of Eureka Audiovisual in Brussels, as organizer and host of 70. FIAF Congress in Skopje, attended by 200 delegates from around the world, where most of the screened films dedicated to WW1 were provided by French film archives, and last but not least, as a national representative in the Council of Europe Fund – Eurimages.

A group of directors of institutions, film professionals, artists, friends and family, gathered to support Mrs. Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska who expressed her gratitude to have been given the honor to be the bearer of this prestigious medal, which is a confirmation and validation of the mutual efforts for affirmation, strengthening, development and exchange of cultural values and works between both countries. She also mentioned that this is of great importance to her since it is given by the motherland of Limier Brothers, who have discovered the magic of motion pictures and 10 years later, the film art became a challenge to Brothers Manaki and 100 years later a challenge for her as well, first through the Cinematheque of Macedonia and now through the Macedonian Film Agency to contribute to the presentation, affirmation of French culture, francophonie and validation of Macedonian culture.

Pointing out some of the most prominent projects and collaborations realized as a result of her efforts and thanks to the cultural strategy of the Macedonian Ministry of culture she said: “I hope that I have succeed to give my modest contribution through film and film art to the affirmation, presentation and strengthening of  the bilateral relations between the countries. I believe and I promise that this will be an even greater stimulation and an obligation for a future investment in even bigger and more significant cultural projects between Macedonia and France”.

The Order of Arts and Literature is a French order that was established in 1957 by Andre Malraux and is one of the four most prestigious recognitions in France, awarded to persons from France who have made significant contributions to the fields of art and exceptional individuals from abroad.