Macedonian Film Fund Signes A Three Year Agreement With Giffoni Film Festival



Today, (30.05.2013) at 10.30 am at Porta Macedonia the Macedonian Film Fund and “Giffoni Film Festival” signed an agreement over a period of three years (2013 to 2015) defining the mutual cooperation and the activities to be undertaken during the arranged period.

Mr. Claudio Gubitosi, director of the "Giffoni Film Festival", expressed his content due to the successful realization of the Giffoni Day, an event which took place May 27 with the purpose to introduce Macedonian audiences and youth with the concept of the Giffoni Festival.

Realizing the enthusiasm, the professionalism and the support of the Macedonian institutions and the trust that he has earned with the Macedonian Film Fund, Mr. Gubitosi decided to bring the “Giffoni” brand for the first time in Macedonia for free, and entrust the Macedonian Film Fund to ensure a proper and successful realization of the project.

The first edition of “Giffoni Macedonia” will take place 20-27 October 2013 with 8 children from Macedonia and five children from each of the regional countries acting as the official festival jurors.


It was also pointed out that two children from Macedonia will take part in the “Giffoni Film Festival” in Brazil and that there is an open possibility that Macedonian participants will join other editions of the festival across the world.

“Giffoni Film Festival” was established as an international film festival for children and with its 43-year old tradition is a unique brand of Italy and the Italian culture, which has attracted a long list of international stars such as Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep, Oliver Stone and many others.