Macedonian feature film "Fear and Love" received financial support from SEE-Cinema Network ; Macedonia to host the next General Assembly of SEE Cinema Network



Representatives of the member states of the international film network of South-Eastern Europe - SEE Cinema Network among which the Macedonian Film Agency director, Ms. Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska were brought together in Thessaloniki, Greece over the period of two days (November 8 and 9)

Within the frame of Thessaloniki Film Festival, on November 8, the representatives of Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia on November 8 held a strategic meeting to discuss ways and means to move forward and boost the cooperation and adapt to the new times. The participants expressed their strong interest in setting the basis for a common cross-border regional fund in order to respond to the needs and circumstances the film professionals are facing today supporting production, distribution and promotion. It was agreed that each country will look into the legal and technical details of the implementation of such a multilateral agreement.

The next day, on November 9 the representatives attended the 27. General Assembly of SEE Cinema Network where they reviewed the submitted film projects for financial support for feature film development. From a total of 11 (eleven) submitted film projects, the representatives of the member states decided to support a total of 7 film projects:  one projects from Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Macedonia and Serbia and two projects from Greece.

The Macedonian project “Fear and Love” by Meto Jovanovski and Branko Baletic, produced by Geyser received support in the amount of 7,500 euros. The project is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency.

It is particularly important to mention that on this meeting it was defined that Macedonia will host the next General Assembly of the network which will take place in June, 2017.