Macedonian films awarded at the Sarajevo Film Festival



Documentary film “Avec l`Amour” won third place by the audience in Sarajevo, “Honeyland” won 30,000 Euros!

The documentary film that is especially actual for us in the last ten days “Avec l'Amour”, directed by Ilija Cvetkovski, won the third prize from the audience at the 23rd Sarajevo Film Festival.

With this film, produced by Atanas Georgiev from Tris Films, for the story about the professor from Negotino, a lover of old timers, it was opened this year's edition of “MakeDox” in Skopje.

This is not the only award for a movie from Macedonia at the biggest festival in the Balkans. “Honeyland", directed by Ljubo Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska, and produced by Apollo Media and Tris Film, won the award for a work in progress and “earned” 30,000 euros.

Bosnian feature film "Frog", directed by Elmir Jukic, where co-producer from Macedonian side is Tomi Salkovski and Skopje Film Studio, had the most votes from audience and von Audience award.

Special recognition from the jury received the actor's ensemble of the film “Directions” directed by the great Bulgarian director Stefan Komandarev, in which Macedonia appears as one of the co-producers together with Bulgaria and Germany. Macedonian producer of the film is Vladimir Anastasov from “Sektor Film”.