MakeDox - Creative Documentary Film Festival Open Calls!


Makedox - Creative Documentary Film Festival opens its call for applications for Rhythm workshop, Music Intro Workshop and Work-Show: Traversing the Balkans.

The Music Intro Workshop is open to all film and music authors to compose, record or even perform live their original music to the introduction sequence (3 min) of the Dziga Vertrov's seminal film "Man with a Movie Camera" (1929). Deadline for applying is June 15.

The Rhythm Workshop is open to musicians, composers, directors, editors, sound designers, Djs, cinema and performance artists and documentary film lovers. Deadline for applying is June 19.

A screening of "No Business Like Documentary Film Business. The Manaki Brother's Story" will be organized within the Work-Show: Traversing the Balkans  with support from the Embassy of Austria in Skopje.The event will take place at Kurshumli an - Skopje on June 24.

More details HERE